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"I formed this band with hopes of creating a great cover band people would want to come and see, have fun and like what they heard. Since Tim, Dave, Tim, & Jay have joined the band we now have all the pieces in place to make this a reality.

This is all of our Alter Egos.

"Everyone says I always go over the top striving for perfection."

"This band will be no different"

Dave pic.jpg

Alter Ego drummer Dave Ellis caught the drumming bug early. Upon seeing his friend’s flashy red drum set.. he was immediately hooked! Music was always playing at Dave’s childhood home and it wasn’t long before he was playing his own drums along to KISS, Cheap Trick, Rush and Led Zeppelin and other classic music of the 80’s. Since then, Dave has enjoyed many years of playing with various original and cover bands. He is always eager to pump out an upbeat drum groove to get the party started. Catch Dave rocking out at the next Alter Ego show!



TIM NOONAN - Lead Vocals

         Tim's earliest singing memories start at four years of age and include practicing Barbershop-style perfect harmony with his older brother and sister on family road trips and listening to the Beatles on repeat until the needle ran out. 

         In the heat of the grunge era in the early 90's, Tim partnered with friends to start the band JozAttic where they played venues including the Bullfench Pub in Boston and rocked fans to the sounds of Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones to Pearl Jam, STP and Live.

        After taking a break to raise his children, getting back on stage was a top item checked off Tim's bucket list when he joined Alter Ego in 2017.

        Tim looks forward to getting you on the dance floor at the next show where the combined enthusiasm, talent and love for music burns on stage with the band Alter Ego.


It was Feb 9th 1964 and the Beatles 1st appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. They played “Twist & Shout” and the R-N-R seeds were planted.
July 31st 1971, Three Dog Night played at the Boston Garden and opened with “One Man Band”. Completely blown away and there was no turning back.
May 10th 1980, graduated from Berklee and proceeded to chase the musical dream.
Real life happens, too many bands to mention and I couldn’t be happier than to join John, Brian, Dave and Tim as part of the classic rock party known as
Alter Ego. Let’s Rock!


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